Hear what MIBA member Noah S. has to say about his experience at CBS.

Hear what MIBA member Wyatt B. has to say about his experience at CBS.

Am I considered a Veteran?

  • There are specific rules regarding Veteran status. Chances are, if you have a DD 214 ʺCertificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty,ʺ you're considered a Veteran.  More information is available here.

Who can join MIBA?

  • Anyone who has served or is currently serving in the armed forces of the United States or other country can join MIBA. In addition, we welcome anyone with strong ties to the military such as former employees of the Defense Department, State Department, intelligence agencies, and contractors. We also welcome students with personal ties to the military such as family members who have served or are currently serving.

What does MIBA do?

  • MIBA is the veteran community on campus for CBS students. We support one another in a variety of ways. The club offers outreach to prospective students, leverages resources to help current students make the most of their MBA experience and find career placement, and seeks to foster an active community among CBS veterans from all years. We also spearhead and participate in school-sponsored events to help advocate for veterans and educate our classmates about the military.

Am I eligible for the GI Bill and or Yellow Ribbon Program?

  • You will need to submit an application for education benefits with the VA to determine this. If you are 100% GI Bill eligible and are not active duty, then you will be eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program.

If so, what are the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program amounts?

  • For the 2018-2019 academic year, the GI Bill tuition payment is $23,672 and the BAH is $3,669 for each month you are enrolled. This applies to veterans who qualify for 100% of the GI Bill. The tuition payment is pro-rated lower depending on the level of eligibility. The Yellow Ribbon Program is currently $15,000 per year, which is matched by $15,000 per year from the VA for a total of $30,000 per year. The Yellow Ribbon Program funding is not available at eligibility levels below 100%.

How would you describe CBS culture?

  • Culture is difficult to convey through a website. We highly recommend visiting the school. CBS is incredibly collaborative without being cut-throat. It is an extremely supportive community that values the diversity of the student body. Your fellow classmates and the staff and faculty are what make CBS an awesome experience.

How has CBS, the Career Management Center (CMC), and MIBA supported you in finding a job?

  • There are many resources at CBS to help with students' job searches. The CMC has decades of knowledge and experience with the student job seeking experience as well as dozens of professionals to assist in a myriad of ways. The school has a web-based management system for the companies that choose to formally recruit on campus and plenty of information regarding the 'off-campus' recruiting (often referred to as the enterprise job search). Probably the best asset to leverage is the school and MIBA alumni network. MIBA alumni will almost always respond to requests for information from current students. The MIBA connection with alumni is very strong. MIBA often receives invitations to veterans-only recruiting events from MIBA alumni currently working at the hosting company. 

What's been your favorite part of CBS so far?

  • Answers to this question will certainly vary depending on whom you ask. The best way to figure out if CBS is right for you is to talk to as many current and former students as possible. Introduce yourself and we'll put you in contact with a current student. 

How do admissions at CBS work?

  • The admissions cycle has a binding early decision round. After that, admissions is rolling, which means that a determination is made on applications roughly in the order that they are submitted to admissions.

When is the best time to visit?

  • We would love to host you. More importantly, we want to ensure that you get a chance to see and experience the school. Please plan your visit when classes are in session (not during a break/vacation) and on a Monday through Thursday. For most students, there are no classes on Fridays. So in order to experience the class environment at Columbia, avoid scheduling your visit on a Friday.

I always wore a uniform.  What type of clothes do I need to buy now?

  • We recommend having at least two formal business attire outfits prior to starting school for formal occasions and recruiting events. However, t-shirts and board shorts for a regular day of classes will suffice.

Where can I find more information?