We seek to develop strong relationships with corporate partners in order to make the club’s activities even more successful. We believe that these partnerships will not only benefit MIBA, but our sponsors as well. We look forward to helping you reach your goals as you help us in reaching ours and build upon our past traditions of military service and help solidify the strong legacy of MIBA within the business community. Thank you again for supporting our military veterans. Below are some of the primary benefits you can expect to receive as a result of your MIBA sponsorship.

  • Develop relationships with military veterans who have leadership skills and integrity proven in combat environments

  • Develop your talent pipeline by gaining direct access to highly desirable potential employees early and often

  • Build contacts within the tri-state (CBS, NYU Stern, Fordham) area veterans’ community

  • Strengthen your brand with future business leaders

  • Prominent recognition of your partnership at MIBA events and in our publications

All of the above can be achieved through your participation in our events.